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Refilling FAQ's

Q. Can I bring my own bottle or do I have to buy one of yours?

A. We love when you bring your own bottles! Mason Jars, Jam Jars, Beer Bottles, bring any bottle you want. Only requirement? We ask that it is as clean as possible so that there is no residue from other products that could affect the product you are putting in the container. (But we do have bottles if you don't!)

Q. Does my bottle have to be completely empty?

A. Nope! If you are putting the same product back into the container bring it in whenever you want and you will just pay for the difference!

Q. What if I need product but I can't get to you in time?

A. Not to worry, we do mobile refills! Just send us an email, message or call us with a list of what you need and the size of your container. We will arrange for a day for you to set your containers outside on your step and we will refill them and then send you an invoice.

Q. If I want to shop online/through the app how do I order refills?

A. Refills can only be ordered if the container is empty or if you know exactly how many mls you want. But can be done! Just click on the section called refills. for example: Bath and Body REFILL or Household Cleaner REFILL you can then chose the size of the container and check out. If you plan to bring your container in for refilling select "Pick Up" under delivery method. If you want us to do a doorstep refill select "Delivery" or "Ship" and we will contact you to arrange refill.