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Easter Prayers

Easter Prayers

Posted on April 15 2022, By: Sara Porter

Easter Prayers

Remind Wellness is about remembering the ways of the past when we cared for our bodies, our planet and other people more than we have been accustomed to as we have evolved into a society of "quick" "easy" "throwaway" and spent more time climbing ladders than enjoying the beauty and the people around us. As Easter weekend has arrived I am "reminded" of the meaning for this celebration and see it in a new light. I am not an overly religious person but fun fact I taught sunday school at the United church I attended. 

Good Friday. The day the Biblical stories tell us Jesus died on the cross representing sacrifice and suffering. Today as we observe Good Friday I pray that with us you will think about what sacrifices people are making today. What suffering is occurring both in our communities, around the world and to the planet. We here in Canada are so fortunate. But that doesn't mean that we do not have people suffering every day. Whether it's health related, financially...we have all seen the inflation happening over the last few years. Think about our area specifically, it's always been referred to as somewhat of a bubble. Many places will be closed today in observance of Good Friday, but as you walk through town or perhaps are driving to a family gathering noice what businesses are open. More often than not it's the businesses that can only afford to pay minimum wage. It's the stores and restaurants that people working at are just squeaking by. Maybe working multiple jobs. I remember a time when I worked at The Super 8 Motel, The Independent Grocer and Lakeshore Recreation. Sometimes I worked all 3 in one day just to make enough to cover my insurance and gas money. Then think about our housing market. So many of us are fortunate enough to not worry about what roof will be over our head, but some of our neighbours, our community, the people we see everytime we run into a local store or restaurant - they aren't that fortunate. The waiting list for affordable housing in our area is a 5 year minimum. And we aren't building apartment buildings or condos or homes for the people that need them, all new development is geared towards workers from one specific industry. I'm not trying to preach - we all know the housing market is insane and out of control. And we all know inflation is hitting a high. But sometimes we don't see the suffering, the stress, the pain even though it exists here in our community. We see the damage to Ukraine and the lives lost and the trauma and terror. We see the aftermaths of tornadoes and floods around the world but we don't see what is in front of us - sometimes because it's too painful to acknowledge and not be able to do something. But today on Good Friday I pray you acknowledge it, I pray you see acknowledge what sacrifices you have made in your life in order to live the life you want. Or to see what sacrifices you can make to start living the life you want. 

When Easter Sunday rolls around celebrate new life, rebirth, a fresh start. Start a new chapter one that honours the sacrifices made, the suffering that yourself or others have experienced and grow to shine light on what not only can be - but should be. Let this weekend be an inspiration to use your voice, your positions, your abilities to make your world better and he world around you better. 

Happy Easter to you all and Cheers to a fresh start where we all find a home and we all find some peace. 


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